Training Priority and Career Needs

The list of Priority fields of study acts as a guide for students wishing to pursue their tertiary studies.

This is important to ensure that:

  • Appropriate allocation of available funds in areas of national priority;
  • Training provided is aligned with the needs of the labour market;
  • Graduates are guaranteed a position where they can contribute in the national development;
  • Qualified Seychellois progressively take up key positions occupied by expatriate workers.


Priority 1 Medicine, Dentistry, Teaching, Finance, Tourism, Blue Economy, Psychology, Nursing, Social Work, Counselling, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Pharmacy
Priority 2 Information Technology, Statistics, Law, Maritime Law, Engineering, Food Science and Safety, Environmental Science, Nutrition/Dietician, Monitoring and Evaluation, Forensic Science
Priority 3 Business Administration, Human Resource Development & Management, Marine Engineering, Navigation, Bio-medical Engineering/Science, Agriculture Science, Agronomy, Journalism, Criminal Justice/Criminology, Speech Pathology, Land/Quantity Surveying
Priority 4 Telecommunication, Air Trafficking, Transport and Logistics, Record Management
Priority 5 Architecture, Anthropology and Archaeology, Construction