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Who should I address cheques to?

The Government of Seychelles


What modes of payment does the ANHRD accept?

Cheques or cash


When can I come to the Agency for payments?

STRICTLY 8.30-12.30 Tuesdays and Thursdays


What are the procedures for getting housing allowance?

Please contact the DPA for any information regarding housing allowance. Students who opt for the private sector are not entitled to housing allowance.


Where will I get information on the Award?

Call reception where you will be directed to the Support Services and Special Programmes Unit


Who can participate in the SHRD Award?

All organisations that have a HR section


Who do I contact in case of an emergency while I am overseas?

The office on 4423300


I want to send an official document to the Agency what address do I use?

Chief Executive Officer, ANHRD, Le Chantier Mall, Francis Rachel St. P.O.Box 407, Victoria


How will I know who is my desk officer?

Each desk officer is assigned a list of countries, when you call or visit, tell the receptionist which country you are interested to study in and she will guide you to your desk officer


If I’m not satisfied with the answer I got for my request for scholarship with the Director, what do I do ?

Book an appointment to see the CEO


I’m not satisfied with the answer I got for my request for scholarship with the desk officer, what do I do?

Book an appointment to see the Director for Training and Development


My stipend is really late, what do I do?

Send an email to your desk officer urgently and follow it up with a phone call


What if I have an emergency, can I come on other days aside from Tuesday and Thursday?

You must explain the emergency to the Receptionist who will then guide you to the appropriate person. You will be asked to put your concern in writing so you may already bring your signed letter/document with you


Can I come on Wednesday if I can’t come on Tuesday or Thursday?

You must call first to set up an appointment, if you do not have an appointment you cannot see a desk officer


When can I come to the Agency to see a desk officer for scholarships?

8.30am to 12 noon on any Tuesday or Thursday


Scholarship Application

Do you want to apply for a Government of Seychelles scholarship? Download our form below and submit to us with all necessary documents.

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